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Monday, February 14, 2011

Steampunk stuff of awesomeness - Deviantart selection by Decadentier

Well, here are artstuffs I found during my usual rummage through Deviantart's catalogues. I picked the ones I found absolutely outstanding and worth mentioning. Take a closer look:

I'll start with that pair of googles. Mediocre welding googles in the past turned into steampunk artpiece. 

Made by Deepset

Just take a look at this clock: the design is pretty generic among fellow Deviants generic from what I've noticed, but both quality of production and the picture itself grabbed my attention:

Made by Aranwen

There are few things that make me lose free will. Among them are hand watches, flash lights (I can play with them for hours and always have spare battery packs) and compasses. Behold: fine work by Diarment:

Click for more from the artist

Now brace for FANTASTIC STUFF. It's adjustable ring, full of cogwheels. It's currently for sale, so you grab one while it's still here:

Click to visit artist's gallery 

I liked this one quite a lot. Neat, elegant and with lots of mechanical parts.

Click it, see it, love it

And last, but not the least. Dirigable. Yes, dirigable. It's not quite as utilitary as the brooch above, but I have personal weakness for zepellins.

Take a closer look


  1. Oh my gosh. I want all of these. xD
    There's a great website called "The Gentleman's Emporium" that has a lot of victorian-era stuff on it that's cool. Some of it is a bit pricy, but that's expected when it's all old fashioned stuff lol. Namely it's the clothes that are expensive, but it's all cool.

    I Definitely will be coming back here to look at more copper leather gears and baubles. :D

  2. Nice tip give by thatguy. I check the site and I have to agree. Following :D

  3. I need to find that ring. I would wear it every day. EVERY WHERE!

  4. The goggles are so tight. Nice find

  5. I, want, those, goggles!

    They remind me of the ones you make with the engineering profession (For WoW players out there hahaha)

  6. Hello man!! N I C E BLOG!!!!

    I wait on my blog!!!

    $upporting BRO!!!

  7. wow amazing pictures, very creative

  8. googles looks fantastic and also I want that ring for gf ^^

  9. Wow that stuff is pretty sweet.
    can't wait to see more

  10. That ring and the goggles.. love them. Wouldn't wear the goggles out but the ring is just sexy

  11. I gotta get my hands on that compass! Say, does anyone actually wear stuff like this in public?

  12. this is actually pretty badass

  13. ive always wanted a pair of those cool goggles. also those watches are awesome too.

  14. Well, actually for those wondering: some artists indeed sell their stuff, but you should ask them on deviantart.