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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Steampunk ladies

Deviantart, the endless source of wonders.
You'd prefer "steampunk girls", but these are ladies, oh golly. Take a closer look at the collection o' pics I managed to extract. Steampunk people or steampunk art - you decide.

Original link by Pure Insomnia

By Froweminahild
By Helleana
By Yuffiebunny
By Nin-kitty
By jfdavis28
By Katbretphotography
By Belsina
Katbretphotography again
Make sure you visit galleries of every artist mentioned here, I guarantee it will be worth your while.


  1. I like the whole steampunk thing, but some people now are kind of halfing it and ruining the whole effect of it. Nice post!

  2. I like steampunk as a rpg setting! and plus... beautiful girls? what's not to like? ;D

  3. Hmm I never quite understood the whole steampunk thing. I do like the aesthetic of it, but beyond that, whats the point?

  4. @Lna Mode - as if you need anything more :D

  5. The style is weird, I do agree! I cant seem to look away, i like the different kinds of styles integrated into on outfit. How did steam punk style originate? Who thought to integrate western and sci-fi influences to be a style genre?

  6. It's originally inspired by the Victorian era fashion, hence ever present top hats and fashionable lady dresses. Honestly I have no idea if the movement has one particular individual who initiated it (or who would be traceable) it is rather spontaneous movement when longing for elegance and class of the old times was jointed with the elements of the retro sci-fi detail.
    The outcome proved to be very interesting, don't you agree?

  7. some fine looking ladies...I've always loved the Victorian/Steampunk look