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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Semperey fashion journal sneak peek during London Fashion Week

Quite frankly, I am not the big fan of feminine fashion magazines, although it often occurs to me to find interesting things in the least expected places. I was searching for steampunk-like fashion stuff, but instead found some shoots located on Semperey page (apparently it's some sort of fashion magazine for sophisticates). Navigate to the  Fashion -> Street Spy section to access the article.

The pictures were supposedly taken during London Fashion Week and really caught my eye.
Even though not typically steampunk-ish, I still think some could be used as such with minor refinements, like adding a few cogwheels and such. More underneath.

Lovely, isn't she

Bit too modern for my taste. Still very nice though.
Ah, that's more like it.
That guy. That glasses.
Last semi-acceptable picture in the article.
Rest can be found under following link:
Unfortunately, fashion presented on rest of the pictures was too recent for my taste. The journal however seems to have suitable profile so I am going to post something else from there should I be able to dig up some interesting content.

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  1. going to reccomend this blog for some of my steampunk cosplaying friends. nice work